Submission Guidelines

Our Haunted Doll House imprint is currently open for submissions.

Haunted Doll House is an imprint of Agape Editions that publishes full-length books in print.
As our name suggests, we aren’t afraid of the dark: we live there. We want your horror stories, your mystery novels, your dark sf/f, your genre-resistant writing about the ecstasies, traumas, and terrors that took you to the very edges of yourself.

Guidelines for submitting to Haunted Doll House:

We seek unique, compelling voices. We crave unusual plots and bizarre perspectives that will draw us into your weird, spooky worlds. We love beautiful things, broken things, distressed surfaces, and things that chill our blood inside its very capillaries.

We especially want authors who identify as female, femme, enby, LGBTQIA+, disabled, working-class, or authors of color to feel welcome to send us work. Agape Editions’ publishing history is predicated on amplifying marginalized voices and experiences.

We are currently reading fiction and memoir.

Send submissions to

Include a 250-or-fewer-word synopsis in the body of your email.

Include a 100-or-fewer-word bio in the body of your email.

Attach your manuscript as BOTH a Word doc AND as a PDF.

Address submissions to Fox Henry Frazier, EIC.

We do not charge a reading fee.
We also do not charge submission fees or any other fees. We do not have a tip jar.

Our reading time is approximately three months.
If you have not heard from us within three months, we have not accepted your submission (and wish you all the best in placing your work elsewhere).

We accept simultaneous submissions.
But you must let us know immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere.

Agape Editions is currently closed to submissions.

Alice Says Go Fuck Yourself is currently closed to submissions.

Morning House is currently closed to submissions.

Our blog is currently closed to pitches.

Guidelines for submitting to ASGFY (currently closed):

We are a quarterly magazine that is released in digital form, downloadable as a free PDF from our website upon release (you can also read it in an internet browser).

Issue 3 drops in spring of 2023.

All submissions should be sent as Word doc attachments to

Please put your bio in the email itself (as opposed to including it as a second email attachment).

Format your submission—we’re talking broad strokes here—according to current conventions. Typeface should be roughly 12-point font. It should be something like Times New Roman (or Georgia, or Garamond, or Spectral, or Century New Gothic or whatever regular font you want). Pick one font, please and thanks. Keep your margins conventional and 1-inch in size, unless there is some sort of wild aesthetic reason for you not to. Similarly, don’t send us scanned handwritten pages unless there is some sort of extremely pressing reason for you to do so (and make sure you explain it if you do).

Poetry: Send up to 5 poems or 10 total pages of poetry.

Fiction: Send up to 5,000 words; if you have something longer than that, pitch it first.

Nonfiction: Send up to 7,000 words; if you have something longer than that, pitch it first.

Art: If we haven’t solicited you directly, please pitch something first. A pitch should consist of up to 5 sample images/thumbnails and a one-page write-up that offers basic information and a simple description (1-3 sentences) of each. 

Microreviews of literature, art, or film: 250-750 words. If you’re gonna go above 500, make sure every syllable really counts. (Note: we differentiate between reviews proper and personal essays that focus on your experience of a piece of art. Reviews should involve critical engagement with the work being discussed, on its own terms. Personal essays can be whatever you like.)

Translations: Have written permission from the author you’re translating (or their estate) in hand, and include a scanned copy of it with your submission. Other than that, follow the above guidelines depending on the form/genre you’ve chosen to translate.

Music: Send us some cool shit you’ve made yourself via band camp or similar link (no videos, just sound), and we’ll listen to it. Will figure out a QR code/embed/link/similar situation if the spirit moves us.

We don’t publish interviews or conversations at this time unless we conduct them ourselves. If you find yourself intensely interested in sending us something of that nature anyway, definitely pitch it first.

Allow up to 12 weeks for a response. Sure, we’ll try to reply a lot more quickly than that. And most of the time, we’ll succeed in that effort. But really, sometimes things happen, so plan on being patient, respectful, and kind.

This is an indie journal housed at a micropress, in an incredibly niche industry. Act accordingly. The co-EICs both have full lives and plenty of obligations and responsibilities in the real world; we do this art mag thing because we really, really, really love art, and also because we have a lot of extra big beautiful brain power that would otherwise go to waste—and because, when you get right down to it, we think this is all incredibly fun. If that worldview doesn’t match up with your desires, then please save us all some mild irritation and don’t send us anything. If you get mad over a rejection or a slow response time and harass us on socials, we will block you and laugh. We won’t bat an eyelash if you have a tantrum about it, either. Get all your friends mad at us, too, if you want. Write a whole burn book and read it aloud on TikTok. We just don’t care. Alice Says Go Fuck Yourself.

All submitted work must be previously unpublished.

We do not charge reading fees, submission fees, or any other fees of any kind.

We are not a paying market. Unless you count being paid in love of your art. Which we don’t.

Include your name and a bio of 75 or fewer words with your submission.

Don’t plagiarize.

Don’t send us bigotry or other malicious stupidity.

Don’t be an @$$hole.

Plan to credit us in your book’s acknowledgments section if we publish a work of yours that later appears in book form. OR YOU WILL BE DEAD TO US FOR EVER !

Have a beautiful day.