Come Along with Me to the Pasture Now, by Arielle Greenberg

Sydney Kay (SK) interviews Arielle Greenberg (AG) about her book, Come Along With Me to the Pasture Now, a dynamic poetry collection exploring motherhood, belonging, race, place, and more. Come Along With Me to the Pasture Now is available for purchase in our bookstore. SK : The handwritten notes throughout the book feel so organic,…

A Spell for Living: Interview with Keisha-Gaye Anderson

Sydney Kay interviews Agape author Keisha-Gaye Anderson about her multimedia poetry collection, A Spell for Living, exploring self-awareness, resilience, and making peace with that which cannot be changed. SK: This collection feels like a call to action, or even a handbook for life, drawing from your own experiences and your ancestors’ experiences. These poems have…

Interview with Herman Beavers on Obsidian Blues

Herman Beavers discusses music’s influence in his life and poetry. See how music informs the structure of his new collection Obsidian Blues, how jazz and blues help him shape the poetic line, and why music is a way to access personal history.

Interview with Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick on A Stranger Longing

Julianna DeMicco talks with poet Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick about her latest poetry collection A Stranger Longing (Agape Editions, 2017), mental health and bipolar type 2 personalities, and how the outside world influences and informs the internal world.