Favorite Poems Reading Series

A monthly virtual reading series co-hosted by Agape Editions and Yes Poetry, Favorite Poems is designed to pay homage to the concept of a favorite poems reading. We hold a place in our hearts, unironically, for the special type of gathering where everyone in attendance shares work that’s inspired, illuminated, anchored, disarmed, or otherwise shaped them—poems they’ve carried close to their hearts.

We’ve rendered it hybrid, here, though: our readers begin by reading at least one favorite poem and talking about what it’s meant to them and why; they then share their own work, too.

There’s an energy exchange that happens there, even across the ephemera of cyberspace; we find it alchemical. We hope to see you there! (N.b.: pre-registration is required in order to attend, so follow us on socials for the monthly link.)

We will be taking off the month of August 2022, but plan to return in September. Follow us on socials for announcements about future readings.

Previous readings have featured:

If you are interested in participating in Favorite Poems, please email us. And, please allow up to 12 weeks for a response; we work hard, but slowly.