Apotropaic Editing Services

Apotropaic Editing Services is owned by Agape Editions, but constitutes and is run as a separate branch of the organization (for clarity: it can be considered a separate brand from the publishing wing, though both are owned by the same parent company). Apotropaic Editing Services provides different types of editorial services for clients who want focused, thoughtful feedback, both critical and constructive, on specific projects. Please find a list of specific services and rates offered below the testimonials section. Reach out to Fox Henry Frazier with proposals, projects, and inquiries here.


“As an editor myself, I hold extremely high standards for other editors who provide me feedback on my own writing. Fox has consistently exceeded these expectations! Her feedback is thorough and insightful and always provides me with a variety of ways to improve my work that I had not considered in my earlier revisions. Fox operates on an elevated plane when it comes to breaking down poems and helping the writer to build them back up into high art. I recommend her editorial services to anyone who is looking to turn their poems and manuscripts into the truest representation of their vision.”

—Joan Kwon Glass, author of Night Swim and How To Make Pancakes for A Dead Boy

“I sought out Fox Henry Frazier for a manuscript consultation on a book-length poetry project a few years ago—before she was officially offering editing services—and she graciously agreed to take the job. I knew I wanted Fox specifically because she’d offered editorial suggestions on a handful of my poems previously, and hers was the kind of feedback that immediately felt right. With my consultation, she made suggestions that helped me revise the poems, and she gently guided the overall manuscript into a stronger version of itself. I was so much more confident in sending this book out for publication after our work together. Not only did I feel like Fox affirmed and respected me and my writing, but I also felt like she was just as excited about my project as I was (if not more!).”

—Katie Manning, author of Hereverent and Tasty Other

“I have consulted Fox on multiple writing projects, in multiple genres, and have found her edits not only helpful on the sentence level, but often key in identifying the real subject/essential element of a piece. In working with my fiction, Fox has had an impeccable eye for identifying the real stakes of a scene and has helped me move the tension forward in the text. What I appreciate most is her dedication to understanding the heart of a project and her respect for the author in making sure her edits honor that heart.” 

—Letitia Trent

“Fox’s background in education is evident in her work as an editor. Never have I encountered an editor so able to attune herself to the needs of a text, and so able to bring its virtues to light. With my fiction, I brought her rough stones still dusty from the mine. She gave me back cut gems. ”

—M. Pelin



Full-length book manuscripts (40-100 pages): $500

Chapbook manuscripts (10-39 pages): $300

Each Poetry Package Includes: global notes on organization and manuscript structure; feedback on each individual poem; discussion of overarching concepts and unifying themes; line edits; and answers to any specific questions you may provide. I will also suggest a list of 5-10 presses that might be a good fit for your work aesthetically and/or thematically, and include a 1-2 page, critically engaged letter to you at the end about your manuscript.

Fiction & Nonfiction

Full-length book manuscripts (up to 80,000 words): $700

Novella-length manuscripts (30-65 pages // 7,550-16,250 words): $500

Individual chapters, short stories, or essays (up to 30 pages // 7,500 words): $200

Each Prose Package Includes: your choice of developmental or copy editing; proofreading for surface errors; a list of 5-10 small or academic literary presses that might be a good fit for your work based on genre and/or content; and a 1-2 page, critically engaged letter to you at the end about your manuscript.

Please reach out for price quotes regarding:

Hybrid-genre or genre resistant manuscripts or partial manuscripts
Cycles or groups of poems shorter in total length than a chapbook
Research assistance
Other projects not described here